Responsible Gaming

Responsible gaming

For a large majority of  users, betting on eSports is a fun and recreational activity that is usually enjoyed responsibly. That being said, there are users that struggle with gambling addiction issues and do not practice responsible gaming. If you are one of these users that does suffer from a gambling addiction or has other forms of gambling related problems then we strongly advise you to see help either by yourself or get assistance from your friends and family.

Assistance with Responsible Gaming

If you are looking for help with your gambling problem then we recommend that you check the following online resources for advice and help with your problems:

  1. Gambleaware
  2. Gamblers Anonymous
  3. Gamblingtherapy
  4. Gamcare

Self Exclusion Programs

Most of not all licensed betting sites that offer gambling services on eSports should offer some form of self-exclusion program allowing the user to control the amount of money they spend on the site. Self exclusion programs come in various different forms including: Time based exclusion which refers to placing a block or restriction on your account for a limited amount of time. Then there is monetary exclusion or deposit limits where users can request the site to only allow you to spend a certain amount of money within a specific time period. Finally there is the most drastic exclusion where you can request that your account be blocked or closed completely. Any licensed betting or gaming site by law should have and offer a self exclusion program. If the site you are betting on does not we would strongly advise to not bet with these particular sites.

Under Age Gambling

Because eSports demographic is usually younger, there are cases of users under the age of 18 years being able to gamble for real money through the various eSports betting sites. Currently its one of the major concerns with regards to betting on eSports and the various associations and the actual operators are continually working together to try and stamp our under age gambling on eSports.