New League of Legends champion details released

By LoL, News

Despite reactions from the online eSports community having been relatively cool, Riot Games is excited about the release of its new League of Legends character, Jhin. The developer created a number of teaser campaigns to try and raise excitement about the new character and players around the world were waiting in anticipation to see just what special features he or she would have. Now, the 2016 release date for Jhin is almost here but the LoL community has released its collective breath in a sigh of disappointment.

The character will be a slow marksman, one of the slowest ever created by the developer and is said to have abilities that are artistic and musical, rather than aggressive or defensive. The hero has been referred to as a virtuoso in some circles and this may be because his play style is more about the power of the mind than anything else. In terms of the way the character plays, players will find that his attacks come in a bout of four shots, all of which are relatively weak, his attack speed is not up to scratch and his critical hits don’t deal enough damage to make much of a mark.

Now, before you ask the question that is doubtless on your lips (why would Riot create a character like this?), know that Jhin has a few positive attributes too. For one thing, his attack damage increases after gaining crit and speed from game items. Also, the fourth shot he deals out in every set is a critical one and he has the power to dish out additional damage depending on his opponent’s health status (or lack thereof).

His most important feature, the Curtain Call, gives him the power to launch a supercharged version of the basic attack in which his set of four shots end off with one huge mega-critical hit. The question many people are asking is what makes Jhin so special? How is he different to the wealth of other characters whose skills are far superior? Is he worth using? Well, we simply don’t have an answer for that question yet. What we can tell you is that he is going to look damn good if the teaser video is anything to go by. As for his worthiness, you’ll have to decide that for yourself.

In other LoL news, the game’s Warsongs is now available for full download and comprises a collection of remixed game anthems that could set the pace for your year of winning in 2016. Additionally, Challenger Nidalee is also available for a limited time, so be sure to snatch her up before she’s delegated to the Legacy Vault (28 January 2016). There’s a lot more happening in the world of LoL news in 2016, so be sure to keep watching this space for important updates.