Introducing Unikrn Connekt

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Unikrn homepage

Unikrn Homepage Updated –

Having just come of the launch of a brand new home page redesign, Unikrn introduces “Unikrn Connekt”. Still in Beta phase, a spokesperson was quoted as saying “We’ve had an overwhelming response to the Unikrn Connekt beta, so we’ve decided to keep it open for another 24 hours!”. Once you have registered for the extended beta program you need to “Connekt” your account, you will be able to get a number of great benefits and add ons to your existing Unikrn account.

Some of the main things the team at Unikrn are touting include the following:

  • Earn stacks of Unikoins every time you play your favourite game – win or lose.
  • Follow your own gaming statistics with advanced user profiles.
  • Use your Unikoins to enter raffles and bet on major eSports tournaments; and
  • Be a part of our exclusive beta user community to provide feedback on early product releases and new features

The Unikrn Connekt program currently supports only 3 game titles but they are 3 of the biggest eSport titles. They include League of Legends, CS:GO and Dota 2.

Team Unikrn

Team Unikrn

As the platform grows and reaches critical mass, be sure that more titles will be included. Essentially, the Connekt program allows you to play these 3 games and while playing you earn virtual currency called Unikoins.

There are various other social triggers that you can do in order to earn more Unikoins. These Unikoins can then be used to win real money and prizes in the various betteing competitions featured ont he site. Long term users will soon be able to purchase Unikoins with real money however this has legal implications which would need to be signed off on before actually rolling out to their customers. For now enjoy the beta program and make sure to leave your feedback to the team at Unikrn. For further information check out our Unikrn eSports betting review.