League of Legends

League of legends, more commonly referred to as LoL is one of the most popular multiplayer strategy games available online. Lol is developed by Riot games which was actually recently listed on Fortune magazines top 100 best companies to work for. The official League of Legends eSports website can be found here. As mentioned, An online multiplayer game, League of Legends is a hugely popular game currently being played on the internet and since its release back in 2011, it has awarded players hundreds of millions of dollars in prize payouts.

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 Currently, the game has a following of approximately 70 million people and is classified as a MOBA, which stands for multiplayer online battle arena. Many people attribute this success to the brilliant support offered to players by developer Riot Games as well as the ways in which the game caters to different player tastes.

League of Legends Game Rules

Players have the option of fighting for the red team or the blue team. There are five players on each team and the end goal is to break down the other team’s base, a large tower called the Ancient. Each player can choose the champion they want to represent them and there are over 120 of these to choose from, each of which has their own fighting style and special abilities. Each of these champions, once chosen, starts their journey in the game at the very first level and by playing and building up experience, players can level up their characters and unlock their special talents. legue of legends logoThe League of Legends game map offers the teams three paths they can take in order to get to the other team’s Ancient. The top, middle and bottom paths are all lined with monsters and bad guys the characters can fight in order to gain more experience and characters will also be rewarded with gold if they’re responsible for the killing blow, that is, the last shot on the road to the monster’s ruin. This gold is valuable currency at the online shop which stocks all manner of items that help players on their journey including armour, weapons and more. Every path also has three enemy towers on it, and as players move down the path, they’ll need to destroy those enemy towers in order to reach the Ancient.

The characters available include the tanks, which are fighters in close quarters. They have the strength and fortitude to take damage, which means they take hits and allow other characters with better attack skills to do damage to the enemy. Supports also have a role to play in protecting the team while fighters don’t have the type of defence skills the supports do, but they are great when it comes to dealing out the hits. Assassins are great when it comes to small but brutal bursts of damage and though they are very vulnerable to attack, they have the potential to stop the enemy in its tracks. Finally, mages and marksmen are long-range characters, which means they stay far away from the battle but do damage using their magic or long-range weapons, such as bows. Also referred to sometimes as carries, these are split into two sub-categories, ability power (AP) carries which are the mages and attack damage (AD) carries, which are the marksmen.

Top League of Legends Tournaments

Riot Games currently runs a tournament league for the game called the LCS or League Championship. Generally, these tournaments are played in either spring or summer and are split according to region. Every region’s tournament has the staying power to last more than a few months and players access them on LAN’s (Local Area Networks). Every region has a unique format and once the tournaments are complete, players can access the World Championships, which usually take place in October each year. With a prize pot of over $2-million, these championships are exceptionally popular amongst League of Legends fans and players. The prize pools are growing steadily every year and this may be because of the massive following the game has built with hundreds of thousands of new players trying the game and placing their bets each year.

League of Legends Betting Types

Match bets are the most common betting types when it comes to LoL and are simple stakes based on who will win each match. Note that there are no bets that can be placed on a draw. Betting requires a wager on either one team of another. In match bets, those placing the bets have to scrutinise a number of factors including how strong each team is, how many wins they have under their belts and even how many losses they have endured. These stats give odds and allow those wagering to determine how much they could should their bet come to fruition.

Outright bets can also be placed that allow players to stake a claim to how they think a tournament will end or the league’s season will play out. As this type of bet involves more than one match and a number of characters and other factors, it is a much more difficult bet to make but with higher odds. More betting types exist all over the world and if you’re thinking of placing a bet, it would serve you well to read through these for each game you are considering betting on.

Winning League of Legends Strategies

Though there is no way to predict the outcome of a match or tournament 100%, experts in the field of eSports betting state that a smart players will always look carefully at all of the statistics that could affect the way a match goes. This is called ensuring your bets have a positive probable value. In simple terms, players need to check the statistics of each competing team and take into account factors such as losses and wins, weapon types, defence statistics and more. This is called the team’s handicap, a way of determining whether they are strong enough to come out on top in a battle or the entire league. Professionals recommend that new players start building their own strategy, taking into account elements such as the team’s ‘win’ rate, which shows how many times team has won rather than lost. Next, they should consider the opposing team’s win rate and use it to create a ratio that allows them to compare the first team with the second. This allows you not only to determine whether the chosen team will win, but the odds for the payout.

league of legends collage image

League of Legends

Next, players need to consider factors such as playing styles and summoner picks. Summoner picks refers to how the team is drafted and this in itself requires a wealth of strategy. Some players prefer to have an even mix of characters while others understand that they may need more brute force for one battle but more ranged characters for another. Playing styles should be factored in too. A player that tends to create a team that is more aggressive in their approach will usually have better results but in some cases, slow and methodical players tend to be very effective.

Some of the more specific statistics should also be taken into account, especially when betting on a match. These include the ratio of kills to deaths to assists and the ratio of kills to deaths, both statistics that allow players to find out where the team’s weaknesses are and where their strengths lie. Also important is taking per minute values, that is, how much gold is gained per minute and how experience is gained per minute. This information is important as it allows you to use the length of a potential match to figure out how much gold will be gained or lost.

Before you place your first bet, watch a few matches and see if you can follow the way the bets are going. Be sure to search for the top teams in the world and try to determine their odds, which will give you a solid foundation before placing your bets. Also ensure you take into account the gold won overall and the number of creeps that have been killed by each character throughout the duration of the game.

While this may all seem like a little too much information and may feel overwhelming, remember when you begin that you can check Riot Games’ website and the Leaguepedia page to see how tournaments have played out and what many of the most popular teams’ statistics are. This will help you build a strong base in stats before you place your bets.

In Summary

League of Legends betting is both the most challenging and more thrilling experience you will have when you enter into the exciting world of eSports betting. The game is one of the most popular worldwide and this is evidenced in the fact that the prizes pools for tournaments and the number of followers are growing rapidly year on year. Though this type of betting is still relatively new, it is picking up speed amongst those who enjoy being challenged and placing bets based on strategy rather than those based solely on luck.

LoL is a great gateway game for players who are new to eSports betting and those who try their hands at it will find it not just rewarding, but also engrossing. Once you have placed a few bets on LoL, you’ll also find it easier to place bets on games such as DOTA 2 and the many others available for play worldwide.