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Though it’s not the most well-known eSports game around, Hearthstone is slowly building itself a following and if you’ve played the game, you’ll understand why. A game that caters to both the more casual players who like to have fun and those who are competitive to the max, the game is not classified as a MOBA but as a CCG or collectible card game.

The tournaments and prize pools are not large enough to compete with the likes of Dota 2 or League of Legends, but this game is advancing at a rapid rate, both in terms of how it works and in terms of its fan following.

Hearthstone, the Beginnings

The game makes use of the same classes as you would find in WoW (World of Warcraft) and these incorporate players’ different styles of play to create a form of entertainment that is as easily moulded to your unique needs as modelling chocolate. The game cards are central to how Hearthstone works and though these is a pool of cards you can choose from, you can also use unique cards that wok for the class of character you are using. Every character has a very unique set of skills and these can make or break your win.

The cards used can be common or very rare and all represent different weapons, characters and even spells which can be used as the game progresses. When the match begins, players have the chance to use three or four of their cards to try and remove the opposing player’s health points. Each player starts with 30 health points, so using the cards strategically is a must. Cards can be used alone or in combinations and more cards can be bought from within the game using in-game currency, which itself can either be bought or earned.

Hearthstone Tournaments & Prize Pools

As mentioned above, the tournaments players can register for are starting to grow in popularity and though their prize pools are not massive yet, they could in the future. Tournaments are generally either local, regional or global and many players have found that should they take the time to get together with other people in their vicinity, they have an online gaming experience that is also immensely social. Gatherings comprising of eight players are also held regularly and these are hosted by one player, the Tavern Host, who can hold the gathering upon approval from Blizzard. Winners of these small events can move onto more competitive matches such as the Fireside Gathering Championship Qualifier.

These small events have to adhere to a code of conduct, or conquest, mandated by Blizzard. This format ensures that players are treated fairly and that they, in turn, play fairly. Some of the rules include that matches have to be part of a series of five, in which the player who reaches three wins first is the one who moves forward. Additionally, all card decks need to be checked before every stage and must include cards that represent at least three of the unique classes. Players can only use one deck of cards to win a game and should they succeed in that endeavor, they’ll have to retire the deck.

hearthstone bettingThe next stage of tournament once these Fireside Gatherings are complete is the Qualifier mentioned above and this follows the same code to try and eliminate the bottom players and send the top four on to the next round, the Championship in which four finalists from every region are sent on to the Regional Qualifier. This is the point when the money begins to roll in and though the prize is a little on the small side, sitting at about R30 000, players who make it through will find that entertainment can be profitable. Before the beginning of the Qualifier, a quick play tournament is snuck in and players have the chance to participate only if they have a Legend pack of cards. These are earned when players achieve the Legend status in terms of rankings and takes on a format known as the Last Hero Standing. Those who take part have to declare 3 classes as well as a deck. The winner of the round keeps the other player’s deck and the best 16 of the whole tournament will be moved onwards. This is the point when things get really interesting.

The Regional is a competition in which 40 players from every region have the chance to play a double elimination. They are seeded based on their ranks and they start to play to determine which player is the best. Finally, when the top four players from every region have made their way to the top of the tournament, there is one final competition in order to see which players will win a spot at BlizzCon to play in the World Championships. In terms of money, this is a big one where the first prize is close to $1 million

Hearthstone real money & In-game content betting

Betting on Hearthstone is one of the easiest ways to couple money and profit but be mindful of the fact that the one and the other don’t necessarily go hand in hand. Most players use a strategy in order to ensure that they know their odds before placing a bet and as you get into the game, you will need to develop one of your own.

The most commonly placed bets in the game are on head-to-heads, matches that see bets on players defeating each other in a one on one scenario. More bets include potential happenings during the games, such as which player might do damage first, which will play a rare card first and even how much damage could be done with a single card. All of these bets can be made with real money and will yield real money returns, but this is not the only way to bet on the game.

Players who want to do so can also place in-game content bets on the same factors mentioned above. This content can be wagered from Steam and each item is allocated a certain budget, which allows players to get a better idea of how much they’re betting and of course, how much they could win if their bet works out. As mentioned above, the bets are varied and while you can place your in-game content bet on the outcome of one or more matches, there are many more betting types you can consider to make it all more interesting.

Hearthstone Strategies

Of course, the more you know about Hearthstone, the better your chances of compiling a strategy that helps you win. When you understand all of the factors inherent in the game, you will know when to up your bets and when to abstain, which could save you a lot of money in the long and even yield a very tidy profit. But as much as knowledge is power when it comes to betting on this eSport, it is what you do with that knowledge that really counts.

For example, if you know that a specific player never uses rare cards until the very last few seconds of a match, this could help you form your strategy, since you’d assign a certain risk profile to that type of player, making the chances of winning when you back them highly volatile. Knowing how to build a good strategy takes a lot of research and that means you’ll need to stay up to date on current trends, players and on industry news. Of course, this will be relatively easy given that the game is so thoroughly engrossing, but you will need to build up your information stores from many different forums, video feeds and more to ensure you don’t miss out.

So what it is all for? Well, once you’ve started plotting a strategy, you can in essence predict how the cards will fall, so to speak, which will in turn tell you where you should be betting. You can also base your strategy on those of others and take a few pointers from the experts in the field.

Why bet on Hearthstone?

Hearthstone has a lot to offer players in terms of both playing and betting and if you prefer the kinds of games where you are in control of the cards, or you only have to bet on one player rather than a team, you’ll enjoy it. The game’s following is not as big as it is predicted to be in the future, which could be good news for you if you are hoping to get in on the ground level, so to speak, but should you want to place bets, remember the importance of an effective strategy.

Whether you are getting ready to play the game, want to watch a few tournaments or you feel ready to place a bet on the outcome of a match, remember that eSports are all about enjoyment. Don’t take the bets too seriously, don’t scrutinise every minute detail and have fun. You can access your Hearthstone account via their website. For further information about the developers of Hearthstone, Blizzard Entertainment visit their Wikipedia page.