Dota 2

One of the many popular eSports betting games now available to be played within the MOBA field, Dota 2 was created by the Valve, the same developers who brought to life the PC gems Half Life and Half Life 2. The origins of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena are a bit of a mystery and many players believe that it is the Blizzard Entertainment online game, Warcraft that is responsible for bringing this genre to life. However, Blizzard did not have a role to play in developing the genre. Rather, a player’s map is what sparked the MOBA revolution and led to the evolution of the games we knew them into those we know today and then ultimately the opening up of Dota 2 betting markets and options for fans and newbies around the world.

Dota 2 Betting

Dota 2 Betting

Dota 2 is one of the few main game types available to players in the eSports betting realm these days and for those who have not yet bet on it, or in fact have not yet played it, now is the time. Not only does the game offer thrilling entertainment, the likes of which you may have not seen before, but the chance for you to bet on it and gain money and in-game content is really appealing. For those players who are well-versed in the world of Dota 2, the world of Dota 2 betting is exciting and there are a lot of new paths to explore and new secrets to uncover and now is the time to play and win.

How Dota 2 works?

Dota 2 allows players to combine a love of strategy with a passion for role-playing in a five-a-side format. Every match sees 10 characters battle for the others’ base and fight off the evil creeps for the chance to gain experience and smack each other down. The creeps are a necessary evil as they allow players to build up their strength, smarts and gain gold which they can use to buy equipment and many other things. The creeps have three paths that they can move along and regularly launch attacks not just on the players themselves, but also on their towers. The towers are little checkpoints along the way that should, strategically speaking, be protected at all costs.

Dota 2 betting logo

Dota 2 Logo

The goal of the game is to destroy the other player’s base through the destruction of their ancient, a type of central building in the midst of the base. Every player who takes part in the game has the chance to pick their character from the 100 provided and as you can well imagine, every character brings to the table something unique to them. As the players gain experience, so do their characters and they level up through this as well as receiving gold. The very last blow in the round, that is, the one that kills the very last member of the other player’s team, is the one who gets the most gold.

The game’s players are generally divided into the types of roles they play and even these have sub-divisions that make the game more interesting. These include the carries, who generally start off weak but once they build strength, are able to take their teams across the finish line. The initiators are ideal characters to use initially in a fight as their skills make them impactful. Disablers play an important role too as they can press the virtual pause button on the enemies and stop them from engaging in certain types of actions while supports can heal other characters to keep them fighting fit. There are a number of other characters available too include durables, escapes, pushers and nukers and all of these can help teams head to victory if used in the right way.

Dota 2 Tournaments

Tournaments are some of the most engaging events of the year in the gaming community and when it comes to playing Dota 2, this is especially true. The prize pools to be won and the sheer number of virtual attendees in the game are simply staggering while Valve, in a move that some would call sheer genius, decided to reward spectators who watch games with unique content.

The international tournament this year carried a prize pool over more than $18-million and when you hear this number for the first time, the question on your lips will likely be, “But how?” Simple. Valve took it upon itself to sell all manner of in-game goodies to players called compendiums. These compendiums had absolutely no bearing on the strength or ability of a character but allowed players to change their characters’ appearances.

Ladies and Gents,  Dota 2 betting!

Now, you may be thinking that people participate in Dota 2 betting using their real money only, but surprisingly, there are three ways to make wagers on the game. The first, you guessed it, real money. The second: in-play money and the third: in-game content (such as equipment and weapons).

When playing for real money, players can load their details onto a system and spend their own cash. Using play money is similar to using a practice account where there is no need to spend your own money, but you can still get in on the game. The obvious downside to this is that when you win, that money is not yours to keep. Now here’s where it gets interesting: betting with in-game goodies. Players who have Steam installed on their computers can connect to the Dota 2 Lounge, a hub in which they can trade content or use it to wager on the games. While Valve doesn’t actually affiliate itself with gambling, this is a regular occurrence.

So why would in-game goodies be a source of gambling money? Well for one thing, they have value in the real world. Selling these items is pretty much one of the major income streams for Dota 2 and depending on the rarity of the item, some of the payments made for these are mind-boggling. When it comes to actual Dota 2 betting, players need to look carefully at the items they have to wager and what they’d get back if they were to win. A simple weapon for example wouldn’t fetch much cash while a unique and one-of-a-kind armour type could mean a huge return if the player were to win.

Of course, if those who want to make a bet on the game don’t actually play it themselves (though this is pretty rare), finding these kinds of goodies is tough. Sometimes, the items are sold on the Steam market though they can be very expensive.

Dota 2 Strategy – Stop, Strategize & Listen

So how do you actually win this game? Is there a way to win? Well, there is no accounting for what can happen during a game but with a little strategy, you’ll find that there are ways to get closer to a win. Many players who win their bets are those who take the time to strategize based on a deep understanding of the game and the players who best represent it. Believe it or not, this is pretty simple information to get. You can either watch some of the leagues and tournaments to find out which players are on top, or check the popular forums to find out who’s talking about which player.

Dota 2 betting necklace

Dota 2 LOGO Pendants

When building your own strategy, you will need to take into account a number of factors including the players’ statistics, their wins and their losses. Some of the stats to take note of include the number of kills, the number of deaths and assists, how much gold the character has accrued for per round and per minute and how much experience they’ve build up too. Of course, you will need to keep in mind that each player and character has different strengths which means a player with a carry won’t have a high number of kills as opposed to an initiator.

The professionals who have been watching and thinking about Dota 2 for a long time understand that while this is a role-playing game, it is based on some serious and thoughtful strategy. For you to build your own strategy will take time and that means when you start out, you’ll need to listen and learn. Be sure to take your time when making bets, start slow and read all of the forums, the noticeboard posts and other important info so that you don’t miss out on what could be an important factor to take you to a win.

Overall, Dota 2 is Awesome!

If you’re wondering how the eSports boom came about, you may not find the answers you’re hoping for. Rather than thinking about the past, look to the future and consider how a game like this could make you a lot richer. This is a game that is rich in character, that has a wealth of exciting and interesting players and prizes and that gives you the opportunity to live in a fantastical world where betting on whether one player will take down another is considered normal. In short, play Dota 2 and certainly, take the time to bet on Dota 2. It will have you entertained for hours and enthralled in the virtual world where anything could happen and anyone could win.

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