Lovingly referred to by its fans as CS:GO, Counter-Strike, Global Offensive is a Valve creation that has over a decade’s worth of fans who play it on Xbox, PlayStation 3 and PC. The game was originally designed as a sequel to the very popular Counter-Strike: Source but has, since its release, built up a following of its own. Funnily enough, the original game was created as a mod rather than a solo release. It was supposed to supplement the extremely popular Half Life but was remade four years after its initial release specifically because it gained so much popularity. CS:GO was only released in the year 2012.

CS:GO Basic Rules

The game is a standard five versus five that features a terrorist team and a counter-terrorist team. Though this is certainly a hot-button issue now, players is at its heart, a good cop/bad robber type of game. Every match is usually played with 30 rounds or battles on one map. The winner is the team who wins the most matches, that is, at least 16 of the 30, but there’s a twist: players have to switch teams midway through the game so you won’t always be playing for the good guys, unfortunately.

CS:GO Betting

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Unlike some of the more fantasy-based games available for eSports betting such as League of Legends, CS:GO is not about trying to destroy the other team’s base. Rather, in this game, the terrorist team will have the opportunity to set a bomb and the other team will be charged with either preventing them from doing so, or finding the bomb and defusing it. Bombs go off 25 seconds after being charged though, so time is rather limited. In another smart twist from the developer, one team can win the whole match if they kill all of the members on the other team and this is, for most players, a much easier way to win.

The rules of the game are similar to those of the many other types of first-person shooter games out there but with enough subtle differences to make the game interesting. For one thing, players can’t respawn in the middle of a round and there are no set classes for you to choose from. So if you were hoping to be a stealth shooter, sorry but it won’t be a title that’s just handed to you. Every round is also very short lasting about 180 seconds and players do not get unique in-game rewards if they go on kill streaks.

You’ll be given the chance to buy new weapons at the start of each round but you’ll quickly notice that there are no sights on the weapons. Rather, you’ll only have basic crosshairs on the screen to use against the other team. Additionally, the game isn’t played with vehicles such as helicopters or tanks and there are only so many bullets your character will be able to take until they die, unlike games such as Call of Duty where the characters are a little tougher.

CS:GO Tournaments & Prizes

The number of tournaments available for players to participate in and watch in CS:GO are simply staggering, as are the prize pools which have been known to be worth upwards of R3.5-million. The largest tournaments, both organised and managed by ESL Gaming, are the largest and their prize pools are massive. This year, the winners of the tournaments were offered a $100 000 prize.

These tournaments are also supported by the game’s developer but if you’ve played the other Valve offering, Dota 2, you may notice that the prize pools for CS:GO are a little lower. There is a good reason for this. CS:GO is a game that is a lot more simplistic than Dota 2 and that makes it harder to bet on. However, this does not mean that the game doesn’t have as large of a following as its friend in the Valve stable. The biggest difference between the two games is that Valve is able to sell in-game content for Dota 2 because it has so many variables, but cannot do the same for CS:GO.

CS:GO Betting Options

When it comes to betting, players have three options for CS:GO. The first involves placing a real-money bet on the game where you can wager on just about anything including who will win the match, who will win a tournament and much more. When it comes to playing with play money, you can also place a bet on just about any available variable but unlike real money betting, these are just for practice. Since you won’t have to bet any of your own cash, you won’t be taking any risks. The downside, obviously, is that should win, you won’t be paid out any cash.

In-game content betting is exceptionally popular and allows players to wager cosmetic goodies on the game. When we say cosmetic, what we mean is different types of paints for the guns and knives and not the weapons themselves, which means that betting on these won’t give your players any advantages, but rather, they’ll just look cooler. However, before you start thinking that these are worthless, know that some of these items are exceptionally rare and may be worth thousands of dollars. Every item is ranked according to its rarity and the quality of the item. This gives it a monetary value which them determines how much it is worth in the betting sphere.

When it comes to playing with in-game content, the experts say that you should be very careful about how you go about selling or buying items. The in-game content market is one in which the rules are a little murky to say the least and the items you buy may not be as valuable as you think, while the ones you sell may not fetch you the price you were hoping for. Any items you sell in the Steam Marketplace will give you credits on Steam’s platform, which you can then use to buy more items. Note that this virtual currency cannot be traded in for real money.

Every eSports betting site works differently and will determine its own rules for how the bets will be placed. In your lifetime, you will likely come across sites offering the chance to place bets with real money, set in-game content bets, tournament type bets where everyone puts money into the ‘pot’ and one winner takes it all, and even those where the bets are very small but what is being bet on is easy to understand.

CS:GO Strategy – Looking at the big picture

While the game is based on a wide variety of factors, including luck, there are a few strategies you can employ to improve your odds when it comes to betting on CS:GO. One of the first things you need is knowledge. More important than rare in-game content or strong characters, anyone who places a bet on the game needs to understand its intricate inner workings, the rules and the types of moves that can be made. It is only with that information that you can start to form your own strategy.

So how do you do it? CS:GOWell, before you start placing bets willy-nilly, watch a few games. You can watch matches, tournaments, even tutorials on YouTube, all of which will give you an idea of how the game works and what is, and is not, allowed. Once you’ve got a better understanding, find and watch some of the professional players. You’ll instantly notice how their tactics are so different to those of the less experienced players, and each other.

Next, play the game. As they say, it is great experience getting your hands dirty and though you won’t have to do any physical labour yourself, playing is a great way of building up an understand of what the players go through and how they think. This kind of strategic thinking is exceptionally valuable when you start making your bets, and could be key to winning more often. Next, form your own strategy. Every player and every bettor thinks in a different way which is part of what makes the game so interesting. Your strategy will be unlike that of any other player, so prepare to change it at a moment’s notice. Start with compiling statistics around the players and the game from the number of kills, to how many bombs they’ve defused and even to how many tournaments they’ve been involved in. This intimate knowledge is vital for placing your own bets on the game and could stand you in good stead when you start betting big.

CS:GO Skin Betting & Gambling

“CS:GO Skin betting” or just “Skin Betting”is where players bet using in-game items in pools of competition similar to the tote. Bets are made on the outcome of specified eSports matches or in casino style jackpots. These in-game items are only cosmetic i.e. like a red gun, and are seen as a status symbol in a similar way Ferrari is better than say Volkswagen. The items are usualy easily convertable into real cash via the Stream marketplace or another alternative is via sites such as OPSkins. Skin betting prices are usually determined by the market itself i.e. demand and supply side factors, the more rare an item is the more expensive it would be sold or auctioned off for.

CS:GO Summary

CS:GO is a beloved part of many people’s lives and this is because it provides entertainment, opportunities for strategic thinking and the chance to win based on both of those. When you play it, when you bet on it, when you watch it, remember that the game is all about excitement and fun and if you have one, the other or both, you will always be a winner, even if it’s not just in monetary terms.

Visit the CS:GO Wikipedia page for further information about this action packed game. CS:GO is developed by the Valve Corporation, you can check their Wikipedia page here.