Call of Duty

Call of Duty is an FPS (first-person shooter game) with a following almost as large as League of Legends, Dota 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. A game that was originally themed around the Second World War, Call of Duty has had a number of game versions in the past, with the most popular being the current Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. This multiplayer has seen people from all over the world battling it out to be on top and global tournaments taking place that have cumulative prize pools well into the millions. Considering the game’s developer has seen sales in the billions of dollars, this is perhaps not entirely surprising.

How to Play Call of Duty

A single player game, Call of Duty is relatively straightforward if you are playing the main game but you’ll find that should you need a little extra action, there are a few side games you can try too, such as the enticingly named Nazi Zombies. However, it is really the online battles featured multiple players that will draw you in, as they have done to millions of people around the world. These games do allow you to play as a single player, but the team games tend to be more on the exciting side since they carry a much bigger thrill since it is people strategizing against other people, rather than just against a computer algorithm.

Call of Duty betting

Call of Duty – Black Ops

The objectives the teams and individuals are trying to achieve are quite similar and include capturing the enemy flag, holding onto it so that other teams can’t get it, killing the most opponents and doing it all within the set time period. When you first start playing the game, you’ll notice that doing all of these things is quite easy but as the game progresses, it gets tougher and tougher. Usually played either on Xbox or PlayStation, some players do still play on PC though some have progressed on to the mobile variations.

Call of Duty Tournaments and Prizes

While the tournaments may not have as much at stake as those of Dota 2 for example, since the game’s following is slightly smaller, those who play Call of Duty will have no problem throwing their hats in the ring to win decent prizes. The game has a rather large fan base in both Europe and in the USA and a number of events are hosted regularly by Major League Gaming. Though the prizes are pretty small and are fought over by experts and semi-pros, another year could see the tournaments really explode in size.

This year, one of the largest Call of Duty events was held at DreamHack, one of the largest and most prestigious gaming events in the world and was a roaring success. It was won by a USA team called Envyus and second place went to a Finnish team, Menace. The event was so successful that it amplified calls for another event of the same magnitude, which is why so many online forums are abuzz with the idea that 2016 could be a massive year for the eSport, and for betting on it too.

Another tournament that has been a long time coming is the World League, an event that many think will add prestige to the game and will increase the prize pools tremendously. As one of the leading games featuring FPS and available for eSports betting, Call of Duty is on the rise and many of those who have played for years, as well as the organisers, believe it has the potential to measure up to the likes of Starcraft, in terms of tournaments and prize pools.

How to Bet on Call of Duty

Most of the bets placed on Call of Duty are typically single bets. This means the person betting places a wager on who will win an event or a match, according to statistics and how they think the game will end. The odds in these games are short ones though, since one player will always be the favourite to win over the other. This means that unless you place an extremely large bet, you probably won’t see a very large return. However, the advantage of these types of bets is that they are extremely simple and if you’re a newcomer to the game, they’re ideal as they allow players to learn the ins and outs of eSports betting with low wagers and low risk.

Many players are bet on tournaments, which are harder to figure out in terms of who to bet on but have much larger rewards. In these types of bets, players wager on who they think has the right skills, experience and weapons to win a whole tournament or in fact, the whole league. Players can also wager on which teams they think have a chance of winning, which player or character will make it out on top and in some cases, even which country will be represented as the event winner. Of course, this is dependent on the event size and should the event be a small one, this betting probably won’t be present.

Call of Duty Betting Strategy

Ever noticed how some people just seem to keep winning? Could it be that luck is on their side? Well, that may be the case, but when it comes to betting on Call of Duty, the reality is more about how they create their strategy and use it to analyse the odds before betting. While luck does have a role to play in whether you win big bucks by betting on a tournament or match, a good strategy could be your way of making your own luck and getting closer to a win.

Call of Duty Betting - Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty – Advanced Warfare

So how do you form a strategy? Well, the first thing you need to do is learn everything possible about the game. Start with how it’s played, what every item in the game means and even how the characters can progress from the basic levels to become stronger and more experienced. This understanding will help you create a framework of what is and what is not possible so that you can eventually start compiling odds that will help you place bets. But learning about the game itself is just the first step. The next step requires you to watch videos of successful matches, read news on forums and have discussions with other players about the game. This information is invaluable in terms of how much more scope it gives you. It will allow you to keep ahead of other players by using important knowledge to make key betting decisions. Don’t forget that part of your strategy should be about identifying odds. Take a look at the kinds of eSports betting odds being offered and be sure to take note of the ratios, the minimum and maximum bets and any other pertinent factors. These will help you make important decisions about where your money will go.

Finally, don’t forget that modern technology has granted us one of the most powerful tools around: social media. Find groups that allow you to discuss the games and the odds so that you always stay abreast of what’s happening and while you’re at it, follow the players too. If you follow the way the players live, you will pick up on small things that happen in their lives which could affect their performance. A player who has lost a family member for example, will more than likely play badly, and if they happen to have the flu, betting against them could be a good idea. Remember that the game is one that is very fast in pace and that means having to make snap decisions. A player who is tired, ill or unhappy will struggle to make smart decisions in the nick of time.

Call of Duty Summary Review

If you’re looking for excitement, you need not look further than Call of Duty. Sure, it’s not the typical game with a wild and fantastical theme, and it won’t see you spending long minutes or hours waiting for moves to be made. It is a lightning-fast game with a theme and characters that are realistic and that make for an interesting experience. If you’re planning on betting on the game, be sure to try and keep abreast of what people are saying about it and stay up to date with the latest news. You may find it a little time-consuming in the beginning, but once you start to understand all of the intricacies of the game, you will love what you find.

Overall, this is a game unlike the others available for eSports betting and it is gaining a bigger and bigger fan base with each passing day. This kind of momentum is sure to culminate in massive events with huge prize pools and if that’s something you’re interested in betting on, why not start today? If nothing else, you are guaranteed to have fun and if you’re a little lucky and have a strategy on hand, you could also win money when betting on Call of Duty.

For further resources check out the Call of Duty website, also head over to the Call of Duty Wikipedia page. The game is published by Activision, all rights reserved.