Will this new eSports betting hub knock others out?

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With eSports being a favourite pastime for many, the idea of betting on the games people love to play is still a relatively new one, but now, even this quickly growing side industry may be turned on its head due to a new P2P platform that is making it possible for gamers themselves to take bets on the games they play and cash out with real money. So what makes this platform different to the many others that players already use to place their bets on CS:GO, WoW and more? Well, this one is not a gaming hub that allows players to bet on other peoples’ games. Rather, they can only bet on their own.

Gaimerz P2P eSports

Gaimerz P2P eSports Gaming Platform

Here’s how it works. The platform is a peer-to-peer online hub that gives the players on online games a place to post about them, play them and make bets on them that result in real money payouts. The players have to be involved in a particular game if they want to make a bet on that game, and they have to pay a subscription fee to make use of the service. Additionally, they have to hand over a percentage of their winnings if they make a winning prediction.

Now, we know what you may be thinking: why would anyone pay for a service that takes some of their winnings and restricts them to betting only on themselves? Well, for US players this may be a game changer since the service allows you to take wagers only on yourself, which in many states is not considered betting. Rather, placing wagers on others or on the outcomes of games in which you have no stake, that’s betting. With a number of US states including Texas and New York having just declared eSports betting illegal, a service such as this one could be very valuable to those who have a stake in the games they so enjoy to watch and play.

But what does this means for the rest of the world? Much of the legislation around eSports betting is currently still being written and a company such as this one may be able to take a back road to avoid any complications the law may put in place to stop betting in its tracks. However, many people are wondering if this is not just another sneaky way of staying in the virtual game but without attracting the attention of the law.

Currently, the service is still gaining momentum, having only made it to the States a few months ago, but it seems the service has a lot of confidence in what it has to offer, with plans to grow enormously towards the middle of the year. While this is admittedly a very smart way of getting around certain laws that prohibit the expenditure of money on betting, we are not 100% convinced that the service will work, or that it will be as popular as so many forums predict. The one thing it depends on very heavily is human nature, something that is never completely predictable.