The eSports Gambling Market

By Business

Presently, gambling on esports is mainly limited to traditional sports betting and fantasy betting options. In terms of Sports betting, this is represented by the traditional online sportsbooks or bookmakers such as Betway or Pinnacle Sports. This type of betting is in its infancy and despite the uptake, the potential of this market is yet to be reached. Alternative eSports betting providers exist, companies such as Unikrn (pronounced Unikorn) which offer a hybrid model: In jurisdictions where its legal and they have a betting license (United Kingdom and Australia) they offer the traditional cash betting model. Unikrn in partnership with Luxbet in Australia are powering through with real money wagering on esports. In jurisdictions where cash betting is not legal they offer a virtual currency option called “Unikoins” where players can use these coins in their marketplace and cashout for goods or prizes.

Daily Fantasy Sports is is also another huge market where esports betting will flourish. Draftkings already have a market for eSports fantasy sports betting. This form of betting will clearly flourish in the United States where betting on Daily Fantasy eSports would be legal.