Sky Sports eSports betting documentary a good thing?

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There’s a documentary being made about the world of eSports betting and there are a lot of people who are not happy about that at all. Sky Sports recently announced that it will be releasing an exposé of the secretive world of eSports betting after a filmmaker, Jole Dale, started his own Reddit thread and use that thread to ask players of eSports games whether people betting on them had any effect on their playing. His goal was to use that information to create a documentary that would expose just what impact betting is having on the enjoyment of eSports players, and now that documentary is on the verge of being released to the world.

Sky sports esports betting documentary

Sky Sports eSports Betting Documentary

Initially, players were sceptical and did not want to be a part of the documentary due to fears that they would be contributing to sensationalism. However, once Dale insisted time and again that all he wanted was to inform the public and let them in on the secret world of eSports gaming and betting, many were happy to come forward and share their stories. It may have been his insistence that both he and his partner played Counter Strike: Global Offensive regularly, or his assurance that he wanted to create a piece of work that was true to the world of eSports betting, but in the end, he got the stories he needed.

However, those who are interested in the documentary won’t be watching a feel good piece on the enjoyable world of eSports. Rather, Dale has made clear his intention to cover both the good points and the bad points of the industry including how people have fallen prey to some of the dangers inherent in betting on eSports. He later told interested parties that both he and his player partner had experienced problems with eSports gambling and what they really wanted to know was whether they were the only ones.

Dale is said to be releasing the documentary in about three months, though this has not been confirmed. What has been confirmed though is that the documentary could shake the virtual eSports earth that so many gaming characters walk on and there are a variety of online eSports betting agents that are not happy about. It seems that some online betting houses have concerns about whether the documentary will be fair to the trade they ply, or whether it will simply trumpet out the opinion that eSports gambling is bad and should be shut down altogether.

There is simply no way to tell what impact the documentary will have until it is released but one thing that is certain is that it is unlikely to have much influence over the actual gaming taking place in the world of eSports. eSports is growing at a massive rate and with more and more people hopping on the virtual band wagon each day, there probably won’t be much change for the negative in that world. Where change might occur is in the betting world where many are spending time, making money and enjoying the games without having to actually play them.