eSports gaming and betting predictions for 2016

By Analysis, News

The world of eSports gaming and betting is growing by the second and in 2015, we saw a lot of action that made this niche field shoot to mainstream popularity. Now that everyone wants to get in on the action, we took a little look at how the world of eSports is expected to change in the coming year and what those who bet on it can expect in terms of their money.

Prediction 1: Mobile is going to go big

The last few years have seen more and more developers going mobile as people seem to be ever more attached to their tablets and smartphones. Of course, it stands to reason that even the world of eSports gaming should go mobile, so that those who love playing games can do so anywhere they want to. Betting will follow this trend and for those who haven’t been placing bets on their smartphones just yet, 2016 will be the year to do it. The question many people want answered though is how will we be able to condense the amount of power and memory needed for online gaming into mobile form? Well, we’re not sure about that yet, but 2016 might be the year that problem is solved.

Prediction 2: More games to enter the mainstream

Up until now, the games making big waves on the eSports scene have included the likes of Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and Dota 2, to name a few. However, this “Big 6” phenomenon looks like it will change and we might see a whole host of new multiplayer online games being added, which of course opens up more betting options. For 2016, we are likely to see a focus more on “most engaging” games rather than top grossing games, so what has been popular in the past is not necessarily going to be popular in the future. This means the more mainstream games are going to have to work much harder to keep the players they already have, and encourage new players to sign on to what they have to offer.

Prediction 3: International eSports legality

With the public exposure the eSports industry is going to gain in 2016, thanks to the likes of ESPN with its website and Sky News with its new documentary about the field on the verge of being released, experts are predicting that more and more countries are going to start asking questions about betting on eSports and forming laws, bills and regulations that restrict how this will work. While this could be a good thing in terms of ensuring eSports betting providers are all on the up and up and held accountable, some say this will be just another way that governments are trying to control those who have up to now, enjoyed a lot of freedom online.

Whether any of these predictions come to light or not, you can expect to see a lot of changes in the world of eSports in the coming year, and this includes eSports betting.