eSports ablaze; predicted 345 million viewers by 2019

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A marketing research company, Newzoo, has released a report in which it states that eSports are going to be massive by 2019. The report should a year-on-year growth of the industry of an average of about 12% and with predictions such as this, it is estimated that eSports will viewed by almost 350-million people by the year 2019. Of course, with the number of people who will be watching tournaments and matches on the rise, the number of those who will be betting on the games, and benefitting from playing them, will also grow and some are even saying that the industry may be a strong competitor for the money currently being spent at online casinos.

The report, which was released a few days ago, makes a very clear distinction between the people who just watch eSports and those who are considered die-hard fans. Apparently the two audiences are neck and neck in as far as their following of the sport, but it is the enthusiasts who spend more. According to the report, an enthusiast’s spend on eSports is about $54 per fan and with the numbers currently sitting at about 131-million people. If you consider that the predicted number of fans for 2019 is 180-million people, the number suddenly becomes almost impossible to comprehend.

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But what are they spending that money on? It seems that most of the cash being plugged into eSports games is being spent on merchandise and prize pool donations, all of which are helping to grow the industry in their own way too. But these amounts are specific to certain countries. It seems that just this year, South Korea and China will be responsible for about $106-million of the global revenue for eSports, about 23% of the total amount and more countries, including South Africa, are climbing on board the bandwagon.

This ‘new’ form of entertainment has been great not just for those who take part in the games or who watch them, but has had a very positive impact on eSports betting. People are beginning to understand the complexities inherent in betting on the games they so enjoy, and are reaping the rewards of making predictions that are risky, yet exhilarating to say the least. As the industry continues to grow, so too will the betting fields, and this industry may soon have as much gaming diversity as its cousin, online casino gambling.

Those who wish to read the Newzoo report can do so at a cost of a $5 000 though the company’s website does have a summary available at no cost. Perhaps the one thing we are still waiting on as far as predictions go is how many new games will be added to the current cache in years to come, how many more countries will likely take part in the industry and what changes we can expect to see in as far as eSports betting is concerned.