Esports Betting

As a new esports betting customer you should know that it is currently one of the fastest growing betting segments happening at the moment. What was once an informal process where players would place bets amongst each other, has now grown into a fully fledged billion dollar industry.

eSports Betting Markets

The main or core markets that attracts most of the activity are the following games:

  1. Dota 2
  2. Starcraft 2
  3. Call of Duty
  4. League of Legends (LoL)
  5. Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

For more resources about esports visit the eSports wikipedia page or visit our esports sites directory.

eSports Betting & Odds Comparison

Before placing your first esports bet or if you are a seasoned punter on esports, its strongly advisable to understand the different odds the various sportsbooks put out there. The odds are specific to each market that is available. Commonly referred to as esports betting predictions Usually the sportsbooks put their odds up pre-market i.e. their prices before an actual events starts. Over time these prices can change based on the sportsbook’s risk and return ratios. Once the event starts then they are additional markets for live betting and these fluctuate almost constantly. If you are one of those punters that are price sensitive then we would recommend making use of some of the popular odds comparison sites and software programs. Often these programs will provide a list of the various bookmakers and their prices on each market they are offering and then you can compare the various prices across multiple sportsbooks and choose the best price for you.

Note that because currently only a handful of sportsbooks offer markets on eSports, if you live outside of Europe it could be difficult to get the best odds. For example, Pinnacle Sports by far offer the best prices on eSports betting. However if you live in say the United Kingdom then unfortunately you cannot use Pinnacle Sports. So you will have to settle for the other UK bookmakers and the prices they offer. Having said that, betting on eSports is still relatively new and as the market grows so will the amount of sportsbooks offering markets. This will increase the level of competition and in turn will force the bookmakers to competitively price their eSports markets.

Where to watch eSports Tournaments?

Because eSports is still so new, there are unfortunately limited places where you can go and watch the various eSports tournaments events taking place around the world. As with most things in betting, especially online betting you should turn to the internet or technologies that are enabling the rise of eSports and betting. One main avenue is the Having recently been acquired by Microsoft, Twitch is the largest video based website that offers live and recorded eSports tournaments. Most if not all of the major eSports teams have their own channels on Twitch. And any user can simply set up a Twitch account and watch their favorite eSports channel live or recorded on Twitch.

Another popular channel that is embracing eSports tournaments and events broadcasting would be YouTube. And in particular their new dedicated You Tube Gaming for eSports channel. As with Twitch, YouTube also offer channels of eSports gaming and events.  This is a channel where users can go and watch live or pre-recorded events. The main difference is that YouTube do have a pay per view model and in addition the amount of advertising on Yourtube (mainly driven by Google) can in some cases irritate the users. Those users that do find the advertising frustrating can pay to upgrade their accounts which would remove all the adverts. Surely over the coming years as eSports and the online betting industry evolve, there will be more and more events where eSports fans can go and watch live. Ultimately, for those of us fortunate enough to live in areas where the main eSports events are taking place, its a great convenience to be able to go along to these actual events. And watch them live at the physical place the eSports events are taking place.

Fantasy eSports Betting

Fantasy eSports betting is similar to daily fantasy sports (DFS). The two biggest sites being Vulcun and AlphaDraft. In addition to this there is a hybrid eSports model that combines real money betting with fantasy betting, this site is called Unikrn. Fantasy eSports is real money betting however with fantasy you are awarded if your “fantasy” team or members of the team perform well across the various eSports tournaments. Unlike real money betting where you are betting against the book, in fantasy esports betting you are wagering against other members.

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